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South Coast Hockey League

Session 2 - Saturday Mornings January 9th - March 6th

2020/2021 Tuition Rates

OCT - DEC (Session 1)

LTS - $45

LTP - $90

JAN - MAR (Session 2)

LTS -$45

LTP -$90

*You will receive an electronic invoice to pay online

NRI's "Learn To" Development Programs

Learn To Skate – The LTS program is the very first step in a player’s development on the ice.  This program is specifically designed for children (ages 3 and older) who have never skated before, or who have limited skating experience. The focus of this program is on basic skating skills and is an especially fun program to build children’s confidence on the ice and provide them the fundamentals to transition into the Learn To Play hockey program when they are ready.  This program runs Saturdays from October thru December(Session 1) and again from January thru March (Session 2) with the skaters then progressing into the Learn to Play program.  This program utilizes two-thirds of the ice, breaking down the groups by skating abilities. 

Learn To Play – The LTP program is for children advancing from the second half of the LTS program or those skaters who are looking to improve their skating skill set and learn more about the game of hockey.  The LTP program will focus on skating skills, as well as basic hockey skills such as stick handling, passing and shooting, and game situations, providing players the fundamentals to transition into the Mite Level Travel Program. This program runs Saturdays from October thru December(Session 1) and again from January thru March (Session 2).

 Learn to Skate Equipment Needed

•  Hockey skates which have been sized for the player's feet
•  HECC approved helmet (hockey helmet with a full face mask/cage is requiredNO BIKE HELMETS ALLOWED
•  Elbow pads are mandatory, and hockey pants with the cushion in back makes the falling easier on them.  Snow or Ski pants are also allowed.
•  Gloves (winter gloves or mittens are mandatory for this session).  No hockey gloves needed during this session.

•  Cloth Masks must be worn by all Skaters while on the Ice. No Exceptions

 Learn to Play Equipment Needed

      Full Hockey Gear including Hockey Stick